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About Me

14689031_10153881650995598_282802409_oLarissa Stone, BFA – was born in 1982 in Brooks, Alberta, Canada.  A creative at birth, Larissa has always had a passion for art and has been intensely active in her artistic development.

Larissa is always continuing her education for personal, artistic and professional development.   In 2014, Larissa completed the Marketing Certificate at the University of Calgary.   This certificate included courses such as: Marketing Principles, Business Management, Marketing Metrics, Internet Marketing, B2B, B2C, Social Media and Public Relations.   In 2009, Larissa studied Human Resources at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) and in 2008 she studied Business Writing at Athabasca University.   She also studied towards her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Alberta College of Art & Design with a major in Fibre and the University of Chico, California from 2001 – 2005 with a major in Sclupture.   In 2000 Larissa started her Education with an Office Technology Certificate at Medicine Hat College.

Larissa has also worked as a freelancer in painting and fashion.  She builds Kimonos and Ponchos with a keen eye for current trends.  All material is hand picked by Larissa and sewn herself.  Larissa prides herself on her exceptional craftsmanship.  She also paints on commission.  She is an acrylic and multi media painter.


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